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Get your message across – Workshop No. 5, Free Culture Incubator, Transmediale

31 March 2011, Thursday, 19:00-22:00 CET

Berlin Wall, Photo courtesy of Ruthe Zuntz/Walkscreen

Cultural producers need to find a language which allows them to reach the public and create sustainable business. But how much corporate identity does a cultural enterprise need? What are the most effective ways of communicating? Which platforms, tools and strategies are at hand to get the message across?

Vanini Belarmino, Managing Director of Belarmino&Partners will join the live streaming discussion along with guests from other parts of the world to address questions on cultural branding and communications.

Live streaming studio will be at the Public Art Lab, Brunnenstrasse 74. This event is organised in collaboration with Streampark.

To know more about this initiative, visit <

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