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Intimate Moments @ PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin

An Interdisciplinary Art Exchange Project Supported by the Singapore International Foundation A Project by Vanini Belarmino (Singapore) and Nelja Stump (Berlin) Berlin, Germany 11-17 June 2013

Persil in the wind © Ruthe Zuntz, Singapore 2012

Persil in the wind © Ruthe Zuntz, Singapore 2012

Intimate Moments is an interdisciplinary art project focusing on the creative process contained within cross-cultural exchanges.  Curated by Vanini Belarmino and Nelja Stump, it will bring to life a breathing exhibition and a series of performances in Berlin on 11-17 June 2013. It will feature artists from Singapore: Chow Chee Yong, Urich Lau, Sherman Ong, Elizabeth De Roza & Shelly Quick of Theatre Strays and Andree Weschler, Intimate Moments seeks to capture nuances from the two different cities through artistic confrontations and face-to-face encounter between the artists from Singapore and the community of creative minds and audiences in Berlin.

As part of the initial process of getting acquainted with the life in both cities, Intimate Moments will open the exhibition at the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Factory presenting time-based works that will embrace active contributions and reactions from the city.  During the week, the audiences can expect to see intimate stories about Singapore through the installations, photography, film screenings, video and live performances. Presented by Belarmino&Partners in cooperation with Nomadics by Tristesse Deluxe and PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, this initiative is realised as part of the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2013. It received generous support from the Singapore International Foundation.

Activities at a Glance 11 June 2013

  1. Opening Intimate Moments, the Exhibition @ PLATOON KUNSTHALLE The Factory, Featuring Chow Chee Yong, Urich Lau, Sherman Ong, Elizabeth de Roza, Shelly Quick and Andree Weschler, 18:30

  2. Berlin meets Singapore Opening Live Performance with Martini Brös, Schockglatze, Sebastian Purfürst, Bella Berlin, Nelja Stump, AADK, 19:00-22:00

13 June 2013

  1. Date with a Berliner, each of the artists from Singapore will be paired with a local artist from Berlin.  This is an open plan activity.  The artists will have to decide for themselves how spend the moments together.

14 June 2013

  1. Hairy Virgin by Andree Weschler accompanied by Chow Chee Yong and Ruthe Zuntz, 15:00-17:30

  2. Flooding in the time of drought by Sherman Ong in cooperation with Asian Hot Shots @ AEDES, 18:00-22:30

17 June 2013

  1. Paper Boat, Performance-Installation @ The Factory, Devised by Elizabeth de Roza &  Shelly Quick of Theatre Strays , 19:00

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