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Museum Rendezvous: Tales of the Sea

A Public Forum Marina Bay Sands’ ArtScience Museum 14 April 2012, Saturday, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Discussants comprise of Singaporean medical doctor, Jiang Lei; Swedish marine insurance broker, Jens Ringefelt; and Norwegian visual artist, Martin Mörck.  As the people living in the 21st Century, the speakers provide a real life experiences about their personal and professional encounters with the water.

The young doctor will share a touching story of survival and camaraderie on board the yacht that was hit by a big storm in the middle of the pacific. What actually happens during such life threatening moments?  When going into the open sea, does one really imagine accidents like hitting an iceberg? Facing darkness with the sudden splash of gigantic waves attacking the vessel? What about other surprise visitors?  Do you have to stay awake throughout your journey? Who and what do you have to look out for in the vast waters? The guest marine insurance broker will enlighten us about a part of his work providing ship owners access to insurance against piracy in the form of War Risks and Kidnap & Ransom policies, which are now standard issue for all vessels transiting through high-risk areas.

And to calm us back down in recollection of memories of the past as we look into the present, the fisherman and life long sailor turned artist will talk about his collaborative film with Mikisoq Lynge about an abandoned industrial fishing site, which has been the resting place of fishermen in Greenland for over 50 years. Do you really have to sink beneath the ocean to image the cold waters that engulfed hundreds of life on board the Titanic.  What about those who live and survive in wharfs of the water day in day out? The artist will share his film with hope of bringing serenity and being in dialogue with a community of people living around and beyond the resting place for hundreds if not thousands of fishermen working in the cold sea.

The audiences can expect to hear about their personal encounters as well as their professional paths driven by the unpredictable mass of tides covering the surface we live in.

This public forum is co-organised by Belarmino&Partners for the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum.

Interested to sign-up for the discussion? Email< on or before 10 April. Limited seats available.

For more information on tickets to the exhibition, visit the ArtScience Museum website.

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