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Museum Rendezvous: When Art Met Science

A Public Forum Marina Bay Sands’ ArtScience Museum, Level 4 13 August 2011, Saturday, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Bogomir Doringer Ferrofluid Sculpture Research. Supported by the Fonds BKVB

Do you think that astrology can measure the compatibility between ART & SCIENCE? Perhaps chemistry has the better answer? You can opt to go to the fortune teller or the lab alone. But hey, you have the chance to go on a date with a bunch of exciting and passionate individuals who are keen to share their secret relations with art and science.

Join us at the ArtScience Museum for Museum Rendezvous: When Art met Science.

Panelists: Jane Allan, Dean of Faculty for the Creative Industries, LASALLE College of the Arts Denisa Kera, Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore Urich Lau, Visual Artist Bogomir Doringer, Multi-media Artist

Moderator: Jade Maravillas, World Explorer/Photographer/Writer

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