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Talk at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore

INTERACTIONS – International Creative Collaborations at LASALLE College of Arts (Singapore) When: Thursday, 18 Feb, 7pm – 9pm 
 Where: Block F Level 2 #F202, LASALLE College of the Arts
 Type: Seminar

Licht Mal, Photo: Lisa Beck

How can one find a common ground, a meeting point for diverse individuals as well as institutions that normally work independently from one another? How do international creative collaborations encourage artists to seek and respond to the impetus offered by the situation, environment and the people around them? What does it take to engage in creative exchanges and cross-border collaborations particularly in the currently thriving Berlin art scene and mobile/nomadic artistic community? In this series of INTERACTIONS, hosted by LASALEE Colleage of the Arts in Singapore, engage in a discussion with Vanini Belarmino as she shares groundbreaking initiatives in bringing artists and creative minds together from different artistic disciplines and levels of cultural practice with specific focus on the work that she had realised in Berlin.

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